Return of the ring

Is the webring back? probably not. a minor comeback ... Perhaps. in a small circle of makers and breakers. If your attention has been captured by the migration of content, then you have probably come across this the logo (below) it is a webring run via a github repository, it was created by and it is worth having a look at, not because it is ground breaking but because i think i might be foreshadowing a growing disdain for large corporate control systems.

There was a time before google. Hard to remember, but there was. halt and catch fire, a TV series about the early days of tech, reminded me of the initial rawness of internet, and to be honest it made me feel a little sentimental. In it's crude federated state the internet was unsophisticated and unpretentious. E-commerce wasn't a thing and it was an ugly place of creativity. Things have certainly changed.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The webring the logo looks strangely familir don't you think: it resembles chromes apature thing, also its not far from the triad logo, or the three headed yin-yan icon, it could also be three sixes overlapped and rotated, yeah, i sort of like the subliminal anarchic suggestion of that last one. It does carry an air of mystery, in an archetypical way. Actually it looks like a traffic circle, seen on a road sign. Yup, it's a traffic flow icon. I like it.

These are some random neighbours:

What i have noticed since investigating into the [[webring]] concept is that the internet once again has the feel of uncharted water. It is so dumb to say that, but i have been visiting some of the random links that appear (above) while i was writing the JavaScript utility that injects them on the page. On visiting the sites, i found myself in and unexpected state of awe. The people are making stuff they care about, and putting out there, and it is not stuff that social megaliths care about, no not at all, these are labours of love, these are instead serotonin spikes caused from the effort you make when panning for gold. I dare you dear reader, try it, you will see discovering an authentic website makes you feel good. It makes you feel that you are connected to a human.


Writing advice you need

I hate writing advice. truely i do. it seems that every other writer on medium has advice. stangely so do i, here it is apart from this article stop reading advice suggestions. yup. paradoxical indeed. Stephen King and Chuck Palanuik they are qualified to advice, they are also qualified to insult you with that advice, and that is advice worth having. put it like this, if you are reading an advice column, you are not writing. that is an instant fail. get off social platform, that corode you with doubt and start making mistakes, start fucking up big time, start having that humility to be a terrible writer. but. read these two articles first.

The most difficuly thing to do is write. The migration of thought is limited to words, and they are so infuriating, nevertheless there is a certain calm that i get when i close my eyes and type blind. First of all you get loads of spelling mistakes eerywhere, and to be honest that happend anyway, i am dyslexic so yeah, par for the course.

Today I was exploring the xxiivv webring just allowing myself to be in awe of other peoples passions, and the things the make in their time, and i came accross this website, and from there i ended up on Barnes and Nobel, and and article or essay written by Steven King.


The bitmap hosting dilema

unsplash this is a fantastic way to contribute creativity to the world, for free and as a karma byproduct you get to have your images host too. I take loads of photos, with my phone, i am not a pro. and normally they end up consuming drive space or lingering on instagram. as i gradually move away from content conglomerates like instagram, toward my own hosted services, image hosting does present issues. over time a gallery ends up getting huge, this means that using a free git repo, quickly hits the upper limit, and in all sincerity the images are not important enough.

so my compramise around my creative constraint (for this blog) and to ensure my git repo stays slim is to host images with a conglomerate. the fediverse does have an instagram competitor, but it means hosting a server node on the internet, which is something i will do, in the future. right now though what are the online optoins?

[[glossary#unsplashed]], [[glossary#pixel500]], [[glossary#instagram]]


By hook or by crook

Homemade continuous deployment i use github as my main git repo, and i use Netlify as my stage development service. i love netlify. for one reason of another i wanted to have the convinience of git push > trigger netlify build execpt i wanted that on my own cheap fastcomet server. how difficult could it be right? well ... not at all difficult. the most annoying thing was getting the file system permissions right on my server. and that is it.

here is how i did it:

For the indepth step by step article will go over everything, and is available on medium or as an essay

This is the holy trinity, the code equivalent of the love triangle. you push the code changes to Github, which triggers a webhook, that in turn executes a CURL and delivers a POST payload to your server. On the server you check they payload and if it is secure it then fires an event to run a bash command. That shell script will pull the updates from the repo, and rebuild the static site, with an NPM run command.

That is all well and good, here is the snag that trapped me. Execute permissions, and PHPs silent failure to execute npm commands. After almost two hours on stackoverflow and google at large i discovered that the PHP command shell_exec() was not getting my shell variables, so it did not have a PATH to the binaries.

To solve this you SSH onto your machine and systematically run which for git, npm and node. That will tell you where the binies are when the shell is complete. When you ssh into a machine it creates your shell by running the bashrc and other server specific session stuff. So for example:

which npm

With the output value you add it to the shell script as a viarble called PATH so that when PHP runs the script the path to the binary is defined, and it is done without the overhead of source to your profile.


this is a rolling post with the pupose to capture residue from slumber. recently i have observed - of myself - a lingering thought just after i have woken up. The though is quite vivid yet its intensity diminishes quickly. The context is mostly narative in nature, by that i mean they pertain to an annonymous protagonist, and it is not obvious that the actor represented in the scene is me. I have not, so far, come to the conclusion that I am featured at all.

i am relating to these "guests from morpheus" as muses for concepts in future writing endevours. and fear that not writing them down there intuitions will fade. i wonder how many of these i have missed, and i wonder what they are saying, ot wanting to depart. perhaps they are telling me something, perhaps not. nevertheless i want to record them

the sleep that welds

this morning i woke with the idea that someone might merge history in the mind of anouther human. is the same way that ones does with a code repository. and by writing a memory, or more specifically by writing a falsehood the intruder could introduce memories into a subject, and by implanting memory they would recall a different past, they would have backpressure from different influences. but the problem with this process is that an isolate memory would not have the ability to be recalled, because it would not be interlinked to other experiences, and as a result the intruder would not react, it would not fight for influence over current events or current interactions. so this thought would need to have interconnecting synapse relations to other centers of the memory system, before it could bind into the system of consious influence.

this idea is interesting because it made me think about threes things:


eleventy + netlify is nifty

so it is lunch time, i wanted to do a quick bump to my personal blog and just give it a new paragraph content block. but then the though of context switching, grabing the terminal running the dev server and all the other stuf that comes along with an update knda miffed me a little. perhaps that is the most annoying thing about a static site. but then something occured to me. my blog is hosted on netlify, and is referecing the source code on my github account. and then the sun shone brighter than before and angels played harps and here i am now, smiling and typing away on the crude text editor that github provides. i am going to do a save so that i can check that it is working and comeback for the final paragraph.

oh. em. gee. imma gonna start an new religion. seriously. it works just like it tells you it will. obviously this has a limited use case, i cant upload images, and such, but hey all i really need is the ability to hammer my fingers on the keyboard so that markdown comes out, and that suits me. thanks github, thanks netlify, thanks eleventy ... for existing. and now imma gonna hit the "Preview changes" button and bounce my update into the world.

i think this workflow might justify a new medium article.


mark of man

there be vectors here no more bitmaps, no more bitmaps, here be svg. css. and trickery. about 2 years ago i got a chromebook and i fell in love with it, it cost £260 and it was quite rubish. but the idea was correct. later, almost a year later google made the pixelbook and i go one. in my spending hysteria i also got the ridiculously over priced pen which ... i have never used ..... until now. behold the mark of a human hand, behold and be happy. more

florescent flowers copyright 2020 - fliptopbox - all rights reserved


The lurking place of my mister Hyde. You will find not appology here only play, pornography and postulations. For a while now I have been writing various creative works, and nonsensical thought, without the courage to publish then in the public domain.

More than anything this is an excersise in audacity. Specifically the willingness to have a thought and capture it so that a future version of me may look back and wonder what possed the me of now.

So recently, there has been a lot of excitemnt regarding a note taking service caller Roam Reasearch. Have you tried it? It is very impressive, and very expenssive and the things that bothers me most is that it is another SaaS, another monolith in the making.


I shut my eyes and all the world drops Dead; I lift my lids and all is born again. (I think I made you up inside my head.) The stars go waltzing out in blue and red, And arbitrary blackness gallops in: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane. (I think I made you up inside my head.) God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade: Exit seraphim and Satan's Men: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you'd return the way you said, But I grow old and I forget your name. (I think I made you up inside my head.) I should have loved a thunderbird Instead; At least when spring comes they roar back Again. I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. (I think I made you up inside my head.) "Mad girls love song" a poem by Sylvia Plath