eleventy + netlify is nifty

so it is lunch time, i wanted to do a quick bump to my personal blog and just give it a new paragraph content block. but then the though of context switching, grabing the terminal running the dev server and all the other stuf that comes along with an update knda miffed me a little. perhaps that is the most annoying thing about a static site. but then something occured to me. my blog is hosted on netlify, and is referecing the source code on my github account. and then the sun shone brighter than before and angels played harps and here i am now, smiling and typing away on the crude text editor that github provides. i am going to do a save so that i can check that it is working and comeback for the final paragraph.

oh. em. gee. imma gonna start an new religion. seriously. it works just like it tells you it will. obviously this has a limited use case, i cant upload images, and such, but hey all i really need is the ability to hammer my fingers on the keyboard so that markdown comes out, and that suits me. thanks github, thanks netlify, thanks eleventy ... for existing. and now imma gonna hit the "Preview changes" button and bounce my update into the world.

i think this workflow might justify a new medium article.