this is a rolling post with the pupose to capture residue from slumber. recently i have observed - of myself - a lingering thought just after i have woken up. The though is quite vivid yet its intensity diminishes quickly. The context is mostly narative in nature, by that i mean they pertain to an annonymous protagonist, and it is not obvious that the actor represented in the scene is me. I have not, so far, come to the conclusion that I am featured at all.

i am relating to these "guests from morpheus" as muses for concepts in future writing endevours. and fear that not writing them down there intuitions will fade. i wonder how many of these i have missed, and i wonder what they are saying, ot wanting to depart. perhaps they are telling me something, perhaps not. nevertheless i want to record them

the sleep that welds

this morning i woke with the idea that someone might merge history in the mind of anouther human. is the same way that ones does with a code repository. and by writing a memory, or more specifically by writing a falsehood the intruder could introduce memories into a subject, and by implanting memory they would recall a different past, they would have backpressure from different influences. but the problem with this process is that an isolate memory would not have the ability to be recalled, because it would not be interlinked to other experiences, and as a result the intruder would not react, it would not fight for influence over current events or current interactions. so this thought would need to have interconnecting synapse relations to other centers of the memory system, before it could bind into the system of consious influence.

this idea is interesting because it made me think about threes things: