Return of the ring

Is the webring back? probably not. a minor comeback ... Perhaps. in a small circle of makers and breakers. If your attention has been captured by the migration of content, then you have probably come across this the logo (below) it is a webring run via a github repository, it was created by and it is worth having a look at, not because it is ground breaking but because i think i might be foreshadowing a growing disdain for large corporate control systems.

There was a time before google. Hard to remember, but there was. halt and catch fire, a TV series about the early days of tech, reminded me of the initial rawness of internet, and to be honest it made me feel a little sentimental. In it's crude federated state the internet was unsophisticated and unpretentious. E-commerce wasn't a thing and it was an ugly place of creativity. Things have certainly changed.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The webring the logo looks strangely familir don't you think: it resembles chromes apature thing, also its not far from the triad logo, or the three headed yin-yan icon, it could also be three sixes overlapped and rotated, yeah, i sort of like the subliminal anarchic suggestion of that last one. It does carry an air of mystery, in an archetypical way. Actually it looks like a traffic circle, seen on a road sign. Yup, it's a traffic flow icon. I like it.

These are some random neighbours:

What i have noticed since investigating into the [[webring]] concept is that the internet once again has the feel of uncharted water. It is so dumb to say that, but i have been visiting some of the random links that appear (above) while i was writing the JavaScript utility that injects them on the page. On visiting the sites, i found myself in and unexpected state of awe. The people are making stuff they care about, and putting out there, and it is not stuff that social megaliths care about, no not at all, these are labours of love, these are instead serotonin spikes caused from the effort you make when panning for gold. I dare you dear reader, try it, you will see discovering an authentic website makes you feel good. It makes you feel that you are connected to a human.