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Hi. My name is Bruce Thomas and I am a web developer. I trade hours of daylight for money and in return I write stories designed to tell computers what do and how to behave. I am a computer whisperer.

Some sentences, for example, tell the mouse what to do and others ask the page to dress in a particular colour. Mostly I write in a language called JavaScript. It is important to mention that the language is not really all that important. The story is important, this stands true for humans too.

When I am not writing for computers I write about computers, or about people under the influence of computers or sometimes I just lie. My favorite thing to do is fabricate untruths, about people that do not exist. I find therapy in that kind of lie.

arbitrary photographs

I absolutely love abstract and arbitrary photographs, in contrast to vanity photos. There are some many amazing things in the world much more fascinating than some fake smile.

here is one on my own (from unsplash)

antisocial activity

creative writing

My life long ambition is to write and finish a novel. Other the years I have participated in various writing courses and online competitions, and social writing clubs, some of the stories are published here, you can find them on the story page, which is an experiment in working with web components. I am a huge fan of web components.